Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011



Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm back! But: Where have I been so long? I tell you: 2 months in  hospital. I had a plastic surgery, a boob job. - Haha... No, I'm kidding. No boob job. I just had some health problems. Don't worry, I'm okay. But it was a stressful time, because after my discharge my father was admitted to hospital and operated.

So... now I'm back with some good news. 
- I bought a new car, a golden Daewoo Kalos - I miss my old car, but it was absolutely essential to buy a new one.
- I let my hair grow again. At the moment everybody would ask "Did a lawnmower cut her hair?", but it's worth it!
- Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will hit the cinemas tomorrow - yeah!
- I built an egg incubator. - On sunday the chicks hatch (:
- About 3 months ago I broke up with my old boyfriend and I'm happy to have a new one. - "...and they lived happily ever after." :D

Uh, there are some other news, but I don't want to tell you everything right away. This is on the down-low. Soon...



Jamielynn hat gesagt…

Welcome back :-)
Schön, dass du wieder da bist!

Jamielynn hat gesagt…

tolle fotos! :-)

Judith Weber hat gesagt…


hat mich eben sehr gefreut, wieder von dir zu lesen :)

Liebe Grüße :)

Natasha hat gesagt…

Welcome back. I am glad you are OK. Hope your dad is Ok now too?

Best wishes,

Reflect and Fancy hat gesagt…

gorgeous photos!